Farmville 2 Unlimited Salt And Sugar Trick

Farmville 2 Trick To Get Unlimited Salt And Sugar

Here i will tell you trick to Get Unlimited Salt and Sugar in Farmville-2 . 
You need Cheat Engine 6.2 for this hack to work.

After you install Cheat Engine 6.2
do the following steps.

1- Open Farmville 2 and Cheat Engine 6.2
2- In Cheat Engine Click on ( Select a process to open)
3- If you are playing Farmville 2 on Google Chrome , Select any one of your Google Chrome process. If playing on Firefox Select Firefox or Select Flash files.
4- Change Value type to String.
5- Go to your Farm and buy "Salt Lick" from market.  Place as many as Salt or Sugar Packs you want.
6- Now back to Cheat Engine and paste this code into text area >  e_deco_saltlick_generic
7- Click on First Scan.
8- You will see all the Results on Left side . Select all results and Drag Down all the Results .
9- Select all Drag objects and change "value" to > e_resource_sugar_pack_5 or e_resource_salt_pack_10 (if you want Pack of Salt)
10- Store all the "Salt Licks" and refresh your farm. Your Salt Licks will be converted into 5 Sugar Pack.

Video Guide To This Trick:

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