Farmville 2: Unlimited Coins Cheat

Though earlier also, we have posted FarmVille 2 cheats with Video Tutorial to gain XP and coins in FarmVille 2. Still many players who are not very comfortable with FarmVille 2 cheats codes are looking for simpler FarmVille 2 cheats to earn coins in FarmVille 2. Moreover these FarmVille 2 cheat codes will allow players to keep their coins safe in their inventory and can be used whenever they wish for. Since FarmVille 2 has limitation of 8 million coins at a time, it is wiser to use these FarmVille 2 cheats. Idea is very simple; Buy HarvEstate Manor using FarmVille 2 Cheats which otherwise costs 1 million and move it in your inventory. Sell it whenever you need coins, as each HarvEsate Manor sells at 50000 Farm coins.
Use following FarmVille 2 cheats to buy HarvEstate Manor without spending single FarmVille 2 coins
FarmVille 2 Cheat Engine (Download from here, It is Free)
Following is the step by step procedure for FarmVille 2 cheats for XP and Coins:
  • Open FarmVille 2
  • Open Cheat Engine
  • Open Process and select plugin-container.exe if you are using Mozilla
  • Choose ‘value type’ to ‘4 bytes’
  • Scan for 1000000, select all and change value to 1.
  • Now go back to FarmVille 2 and buy as many HarvEstate Manor as you wish to store in your inventory.

If you are still not sure how to use FarmVille 2 Cheats engine you can check out the Video by clicking here to have fair idea of FarmVille 2 cheat engine.